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Amazon: Reinventing the Supermarket Experience

With advanced computer vision and sensor fusion, Amazon's Just Walk Out stores allow you to walk in, shop, and walk out, with your purchases automatically charged to your Amazon account. Read on to learn more about how this works.


Amazon Just Walk Out Store

Credit: Getty Images

By: Arinze Okigbo


Customers may enjoy a smooth and convenient shopping experience at Amazon's Just Walk Out shops, a brand-new retail environment. Customers can walk out of these stores, which are now present in a few places around the United States, after making their selections and checking out or paying for their purchases. Computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning algorithms form the basis of the technology used in Just Walk Out retail locations. Using cameras and sensors, the system instantly recognizes consumers as they enter the business. The technology tracks the customer's movements and updates their virtual shopping cart in real time as they browse the store and make their selections. When a consumer is prepared to depart, they walk away, and the virtual items in their shopping cart are charged to the associated payment method. Even if the things are put in a different spot or bag, the system can still correctly recognize and charge for the items in the customer's basket.

Just Walk Out stores use several other cutting-edge technologies and the sophisticated technology already described to offer a smooth shopping experience. For instance, customers may access their virtual shopping cart, explore items, and check special offers and bargains via the Amazon Go app. Also, the app offers tailored suggestions based on the user's prior purchases and browsing patterns. The capacity of Just Walk Out businesses to precisely recognize and bill for products in a customer's cart, even if they are moved or put in a new area, is one of its most outstanding features. The system can follow the movement of individual products as they are picked up and added to the customer's basket, thanks to the employment of sophisticated computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion technologies. A durable and practical experience is another goal of Just Walk Out. Because there are fewer checkout lanes and no typical cash registers in the stores, there is less need for long queues and paper receipts. Consumers can obtain digital receipts through the Amazon Go app or choose not to receive any receipts at all. The high calibre and selection of goods offered at Just Walk Out businesses is another feature that distinguishes them. Fresh and prepared foods and necessary groceries, home goods, and other items are all available at Amazon Go locations. Guests may choose from prepared meals, sandwiches, salads, and other foods for breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks.

The convenience that Just Walk Out businesses provide to their clients is one of their main advantages. Customers in traditional stores must wait in line to pay for their purchases and check out. Customers may shop at their leisure and exit the store as soon as they're done at Just Walk Out locations because this procedure is removed. There is a chance that Just Walk Out retailers will result in less loss prevention and more security. Theft may be an issue at conventional establishments since consumers may try to leave without paying for their purchases. This is considerably less likely to happen in Just Walk Out businesses since the technology precisely records and charges every item in a customer's basket.

Customers may purchase quickly and securely at Amazon's Just Walk Out shops, a massive leap in retail technology. In the future, it will be interesting to observe how this technology develops and how other merchants use it.

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